If the drug can go to the brain through nasal spray why can’t sinusitis cause psychiatric illness?

You can say i am crazy but i am very sure there is a link between the two, especially when i experience floaters with my sinusits, if the drug can go through the tissue by diffusion to our brain, surely it is the same for the microbiome / dirts/infection in the sinus that sit close to the brain(ethmoid/sphenoid)

I have only a basic understanding of all this. But from what I can tell, there is a HUGE difference between the nerve being able to transport known hormones and neurotransmitters, and being able to transport foreign substances. The nasal passages have a very strong immune response to keep foreign substances such as germs out. That is why the researchers are starting by trying to transmit insulin and other hormones. Any foreign drug would most likely just cause an immune response and all get sneezed out.

it may not be neurotransmitter but something that can affect the function of them

i don’t know about it causing schizophrenia, but that gal in front of me smells great. and its causing all kinds of a up roe.

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