If Someone Tells You To Join Toastmasters Club


Run away. :running: :runner:


What is this club?


It’s a club to improve communication skills. They make you do public speaking in front of large crowds. :running:


I imagined a group that studied in depth the intricacies of toast making.

How to get that perfect golden brown on the bread, the history of the toaster, reading different kinds of literature pertaining to toast. Things like that.



It’s a valuable activity, although it’s terror inducing for me. My daughter regularly competes in 4-H speak-offs and usually comes home with at least one medal. She feels it has really helped her overcome her fear of public speaking, and also become more proficient at it.

If we had a club locally, I would join it and try to participate despite how much I know it would rile my symptoms.



whenever Im put under pressure to public speak I turn to 90mph heart beats. Toastmaster I don’t think could help me. The panic would be too much.


Public speaking is a frightening concept… but after a while it would become easier. Most public speakers today are probably not extremely talented, and still are great leaders. Who knows, after some practice you might find out you have an innate leadership ability… although in today’s world of “intellectuals” I would rather pass than waste my time debating with people who have a degree and believe they are better than me even when making a legitimate case… maybe not exactly the most eloquently stated but purposefully ignored or shunned because my writing or speaking is less demeaning or commanding than theirs.


When I was first diagnosed I had to be put in a private room when hospitalized as I couldn’t stand to share a room with even another person. Now I regularly shoot crowded weddings and DJ large events. I also helped teach archery to 22 kids this morning. The class is being split up and I’ll have my own group of 15 starting on Tuesday.

Yes, absolutely those of us with SZ can become better at this and learn people handling and public speaking skills, but… It’s not easy and it beats the heck out of you. It IS worth it!



I agree, it can never hurt to learn new skills and explore creative and productive outlets. Glad to hear of the success in your life and would encourage anybody who feels up to it to try public speaking or taking classes that interest them!


I’ve been looking in to this as a way to improve my ability to speak up. I never know if it’s going to help. I’m still looking in to it.

I want to be able to keep my mind on track when I have to talk to people. I write better then I talk. Writing… I can go away and come back.

I can’t do that when I get flustered while talking.


I stood in front of a 100 addicts in a CA meeting and talked for 15 minutes.


I love public speaking. When you are speaking to a small group about something boring (oral book reports on high school are still fresh on my mind. There is no way to make the first 1/2 of Don Quixote interesting. None.) In a small group you can see everyone fidget, not pay attention, mentally practice for their speech, ect. In front of a large group you are supposed to look around and for some reason people in large crowds tend to be more attentive I don’t know why. Talking in front of only seven people- all of whom are fidgeting, is much less comfortable. Plus if you are on stage (such as in a play) you can’t actually see anyone because the stage is so much brighter than where the audience sits it’s hard to even make out their faces.


im against group therapy they take people with mental health problems and treat them like people with learning difficulties I don’t think we need therapy I think we need more fun things todo and someone to pay for it LOL


I don’t mind it so much, but that’s because I spend all of it applying my understanding of Game Theory to undercutting the group’s facilitator. NEVER put me into group therapy if you are looking for a positive outcome.



I tried toastmasters thought it was a bit of a waste of time, felt more like a cult LOL

That’s awesome nick.

I think when your really passionate about something and you are going to talk about it , the speech is not so hard


The only way I would join the Toastmasters club is if indeed they worshiped that golden brown bread I love so much.
My ideal job was to drive one of those “wonder Bread” trucks around town making deliverys, and at each stop, I’d take out the toaster, sit in the back and eat some delicious toast! …sometimes with jam, sometimes butter only, maybe butter and sugar and cinnamon…mmmmmmmm Cinnamon toast!

Public speaking? Not even if my life depended on it.