If someone tells you to do something horrible in a nice way

One time I was in this mental hospital, and I was very agitated, and my behavior showed it, but I still don’t think that was a good enough reason to force me to get a shot of Haldol. This nurse told me very sweetly that she was putting me on Haldol, and I was so angry about it. The next time I was in this mental hospital I saw this nurse looking at me, and going, “You just can’t be nice to some people.” What if I asked someone in a nice voice to rob a liquor store for me? What if I asked someone in a nice voice to get sodomized and give me a million dollars? People can often overestimate the power of that nice voice.


That reminds me of a time when a friend of mine said to me in a very nice voice “My sister is conceited.” I didn’t know what conceited meant and when I saw the sister, I said, “Hi, conceited.” not knowing it was a negative term. The sister looked at me and said "WELL ! " She was quite angry that someone would say that to her. I was very embarrassed.


That is too funny @chordy! :joy:
But I bet it wasn’t funny at the time.

Sometimes I take the nice voice in d opposite if my mind tells me it speaking like a man.if it speaks like a demon, a snake, a lie I believe it because my mind tells me the voice lie and that a demon doing that.

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