If she turns out to be a bad person then I swear, I'm giving up on humanity

I wrote a few months ago about this really nice, really cute woman soldier. I’ve talked to her several times and she was really friendly.

These soldiers transfer all the time. You see them every day and then you walk past their office one day and all their stuff is gone and you might not see them again for six months or even a year or they might be permanently gone.

This particular woman is rarely here but last time I saw her I walked into her office while she was talking to this guy I’ve seen around. She happen to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. And I blundered in and I’m a little naive maybe, a litte unaware. And I should have said something.

The guy was an ex-boxer and those two ain’t stupid. There’s nothing romantic between me and the girl but I thought we got along great. When this happened I looked bad a little and she handed me a piece of candy from her desk and then I left.

Now if she’s really as nice as I think she is she will not hold that bit of awkwardness on my part against me. I mean I stood out like a sore thumb, they were two young good looking people and I’m the older janitor.

Hopefully she will still be nice, I’ll wait and see. I hope I figured her out right and she’s an honestly nice woman because I get tired of rotten people.

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Well, there’s good and bad in everyone. Don’t put her up on a pedestal.


honestly @77nick77 I don’t see why you can’t date online? you’re a handsome fella from what you describe so what’s holding you back? seems you are really lonely…fix it and date online !!


I don’t think she cared about you’re being awkward. She probably didn’t even notice. I think you’re way more worried about it than she is

You mean I may be wrong? I thought my whole future, present and past rested on her shoulders, lol.


:joy: lol 151515151515

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