If People Didn't Exist, What Would Be Left On Earth?. (Look Inside)


To Answer The Question For You.

The Earth Would Be Left On Earth.

And Everything Else (No Humans), Would Still Remain.

Glad To Be Of Service (!!!).

Have A Great Day.

~P.s. Hope, Trust, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Endlessly Eternal Peace!.~ :wink:

Hmm. . .

Which Makes Me Wonder, Ponder, And Exercise My Correct Right To Daydream.

If There Are No People Left On Earth. But!, Earth, And Everything Else Remained. . .

It Leaves The Question, , ,

What Would Be Left If There Was No Earth On Earth (???).

Hmm. . .

For Starters, There Would Be No Earth.

Planet Earth.

Unless If Only The Center Would Remain. But!, That Counts As Earth Too.


No Planet Earth.

NOTHING (!!!).

Well…, Except For The Rest Of The Universe.

Which Makes Me Depressed, And Sad, And Left Within The Isolation Emotion Of Lonely.

I Like Humans…, Well…, Some Of Them.

Not Always Though. But!, Most Of The Time. Usually. Every Once In Awhile Perhaps.

N e Hoo.

I Jus Made World Peace!.

Have A Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night Fellow Humans!. :wink:

You have a dizzying logic Sleystic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Side Note 0.1) How Do You Exclude Death From Life?. First Answer Gets A Vixen Friend!.

~)~)~)>>> If You’re LUCKY (!!!). <<<~(~(~(~

Side Note 0.0.1) (Side Note From Side Note 0.1).

Life Is Life. Death Is Death. Both Words With Serious Meaning. Meaning That Is Meaningful.

Side Note (Side Note From Side Note 0.0.1).

Life Is Not Death. And Death Is Not Life. Both Exist. Which Makes It An Inverted Parallel Paradox.

Side Note (Side Note From Side Note

Consumption, The Endless Dance Between The Puzzle Of Life, And Sphere Of Death, Contemplating.

Side Note 0.2)

Preparation For Death, Is Like Preparation For The Morning’s, You May Need To Set The Alarm Clock.

Side Note 0.3)

When You Wish Upon A Star Your Dreams Always Come True, That Is Because, You Are Dreaming.

Side Note 0.4)

Lavish Nightmares, Skeletons Burying Skeletons, As The Lamp Brings Forth Smoke Of Yesterdays.

Side Note 0.5)

Inspiration Is A Hidden Spark, An Ember, A Gemstone, A Fountain, Luck Within Many Hallowed Smiles.

Hmm. . .

Aliens Would Find Music Probably, Like Woah!.

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