If only she knew

If only she knew

I suspected my neighbor had psychotic bi-polar. but i was just in the elevator with her, and I’m sure she has schizophrenia. She seemed to be very distressed and hearing voices and talking to herself. If only she knew I had SZ too.

So I made a song…My first song since getting sober. Tell me what you think?


I like the song. Maybe you could start a friendship with this woman.

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She’s nice, we have the same favorite football team. I feel bad she seemed to be really struggling. And thanks!

I’d say go for it but it sounds like you already have. Good luck !

Very cool. Just as an experiment I’m going to see if I can embed your song here:

Audio recording software >>

Edit: doesn’t seem to work. Never mind…

There was a woman in the block I used to live in who talked to herself and was paranoid all the time. She killed herself. I sometimes wonder if I could have helped her if I had dared to talk to her.