If money didn't exist

if money didn’t exist would you still work in youre work place?

money money money honey

If money didn’t exist as a motivation to work it would probably be replaced with violence to make us work.

Yes i will continue .

If money didn’t exist… there would be a different commodity that people valued and horded and fought for.

There will always be the haves and the have not’s.

Yes… if money didn’t exist… I would still work as a gardener… people need food.

If money didn’t exist, then it would be a pain in the ass to exchange goods with other people! Something else would be used as currency, much like cigarettes are often used as currency in prisons.

When 3D printers become advanced enough, they will be able to replicate anything we want out of basic carbon atoms. At that point money and scarcity will become meaningless. People will only have jobs for the sake of fulfilling dreams. I will go to school for free to become a speech-language pathologist, and if I find I am too brain damaged to finish school, I’ll just drop out and bake all kinds of fancy treats. Art and creative jobs will still be in demand.

Always something someone will be trying to borrow, steal, or cheat me out of.
But they can’t get what I don’t have.

But money doesnt actually exist

If there were no money, then people would be sick thinking about the money that’s not there.

If money didn’t exist, I would be rich.

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