If it weren't for the city i wonder if i would still be a normie?

the rural counties i was in never saw anything wrong with me, even after explaining one time to a judge that i was following the stars on one of my hikes. no it wasn’t until i went to the city that i was diagnosed by an expert. i’ll always wonder if the AP meds they gave me in my first hospitalization ended up causing my voices as i had none before that. i went from thinking of myself as a normal guy to knowing my life had gotten much different about 6 months later when my voices started after i quit meds. then things got progessively worse for 4 years before i got back on meds. been on meds 5 years now.

anyways im guessing the rural counties don’t have the resources or mental health professionals around to diagnose is why the charges always got dropped and i was released and set free back into the world. maybe they knew i was schizophrenic, even if i didn’t, but figured i was somebody else’s problem, i will never know.

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i always got released because i hadn’t been breaking the law before the cops showed up. they questioned me as suspicious person on one of my hikes and would take me in like every time, after enough time i stopped talking to cops when they stopped me, and would go to jail and wait for the charges to be dropped. which was usually some kind of law about disobeying a cops orders or whatever the authoritians write up and put on the books. anyways when i was walking home from the city and it happened i figured some old same old, sit and wait to be released as judges and lawyers sort it out, but they had mental health professionals and diagnosed me as schizophrenic, then i spent the next 4 months in a hospital.

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It’s up to you whether you stay on medications. I just hope if you go off you’ll know how to get back on if you need to. It was something I could not deny even while delusional. It’s risky to try to go off because it sometimes does permanent damage. Best to do it under doctor’s care. I’m fifty one and been on aps since I was seventeen and even if I go off when I’m 70 years old I might need a sleep aid.


I’m finding ‘different’ counseling in the rural area I’m in r n.

Actually I’m supposed to start weed rehab soon cuz I’m tired of dealing with this ■■■■. Anyways, we don’t have inpatient out here. I told the intake lady that where I’m from they just throw you in the hospital for a couple weeks and discharge you. She laughed.

So I’m kind of excited to start a different kind of counseling. It’s one private counseling session per week and one group session per week.

But it’s definitely different takes on mental health, I know what you mean.

Frankly I don’t think hospitals are a place for rehab. Everytime I was involuntary committed I was raging passed off and not until I committed myself did I start medication.

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i actually think it’s possible to hike coast to coast, but you have to have enough money to stop for the night at a campsite or hotel. if you sleep in the woods like me, just off the road someone will notice and they will take you in and question you. the longest i hiked in one day was 40 or 50 miles, it’s slow trodden on foot. takes a long time to make it to davis, california to start a new life, so you can ride your bicycle, which you read about on the internet.

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Don’t worry my pdoc said psych meds don’t cause sz. Appeal to authority.

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I was at dicks today looking at bikepacking gear. But it’s REALLY expensive. I won’t be doing that this year I don’t think.

But thats a good way to do it too. You can cover tons of ground on the right bicycle.