If internet didn't exist, can you derive info from doctors?

If internet didn’t exist, can you derive info from doctors?

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What do you mean?

Are you asking if I’m capable of asking questions?

We can’t obtain info from blank space and can’t question from troubled brain.

Seemed to do just fine circa 1995 before the Net was commonplace.


The internet certainly helps. I suppose my “30 minute psychiatry appointments” i would make sure they last 30 minutes if this was 1993. Instead of the 5-10 minutes my doctor pushes me out after. I’d have a boat load of questions I’d write down. I’m jealous of people who lived as adults before internet. I’m an old soul I hate the idea of technology :\ . I like the world better without internet, that said I’m a hypocrite and use it anyways because this is the world i live in

I’ve never got much info from pdocs.

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I agree. Same here. My pdoc visit is always less than 5 minutes, no communication what so ever… pdoc visits are less than ten and 4 or 5 pdocs visited so far…

This forum is the only help I received except the Olanzapine 0.5 to 5 to 10 to 20 mg pdoc advice and Resperidone 2 mg pdoc advice

Final recommended dosage by pdoc

20 mg Olanzapine and 2 mg Resperidone

I updated it 4 mg and now I don’t even use it

I downggraded from 20 to 10 and family life was tearing apart because of agression

and had to be back with 20 mg olan…

Resp… quit becoz possible harmonal problems, male breat growth etc

I used several health suppl… few diff. medications… few nootropics…

Now I am better

Now I am very very healthy

Now I take Selegiline 20 mg everyday morning and 20 mg olan… night-then sleep.

Wake at night-morning 2 AM after sleeping at 6 pm or 7 pm and then use internet cool solution

I always got help from internet and internet only…

The help I got from this website is not treatment…

The help I got from this site is just a single thing, I got all help from internet and internet only…

This website — single help - — is So I am abnormal but this is normal, this is Schiz… normal

Finally relieved