If I were physically disabled

I’d be the kind of person who thought, if only I could walk like everyone else, I’d be going to the gym every day and also be a champion marathon runner.

So given that I have schizophrenia instead, I tend to think how great life would be if I didn’t have it. Like I’d be a huge financial success with a happy marriage etc. Oh and a PhD.


Best of luck for it…!!!

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I don’t think I’d ever have the will to be a huge financial success. But I look at my best friend in hs, same birthday as me. Same sat scores. He ended up as a lawyer. I doubt he’ll be highly successful, I’m a little more outgoing than him but still, he passed the bar.

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The point I was trying to make (probably not very well), is I might have unrealistic ideas about how well I would have done if I didn’t have schizophrenia.

I’d like to think I’d be a huge success if I was normal. But in fact, I probably would just be , well, normal.

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