If I wasn't a nurse

I’d see myself being a physical therapist. I didn’t get into pt school however and nursing was a back up. The weird thing is nursing school was also quite competititve where I was and there was only 30 spots out of over 100 applicants. Maybe they saw something in me I didn’t realize. Maybe I am a nurse for a reason.


I was just reading about being a radiologist tech. Pays 60k and it only requires an associate. I would be tempted to do that but I’ve been thinking about doing programming.

Alot of careers in health care are in quite in demand where I am at.

I always worked well in hospice care. I had a lot of experience giving deathbed care with family members, that’s what got me into it.

I miss it, I can’t do it anymore, but it was good while it lasted.

Keep up the good fight Doug!

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Thanks @Ooorgle

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I certified as a nursing assistant when I was 16. Worked in a nursing home for six months. I knew the first day that a career in nursing was not for me.



I have a sister who is a hospice nurse and an aint hat retired as a nurse specialist in teaching nursing being Our Family man you have to have nursing skills After High School I tried working as a care professional in Resident housing after 6 months I was tired of it I went back into Auto Body


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