If I was hospitalized

every time I had bad voices, I would be hospitalized every week. Lol.
In USA it seems schizophrenics get hospitalized too easily.

Here in Spain people with schizophrenia are hospitalized when they are or can be dangerous for other people or for themselves.

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Yes, here in Greece, too.

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they want what is best for you, and for everyone else.

I am afraid to be hospitalized what if I get a panic or an anxiety attack there, pacing continuously all night.
Also not sure about the patients and staff.

It doesn’t seem like they want what is best for me.

The higher rate of hospitalizations in the US wouldn’t be so bad if we could actually afford them.

I’ll stop now because, well, politics. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think it’s a reasonable thing to discuss. It prevents people from seeking treatment before things get too bad and then they enter crisis and wind up with even larger bills, trapping them in a cycle of poverty as well. Poverty and poor mental health are conditions that exacerbate each other.


I also live in the United State but whenever I get hospitalized is when my mom calls the ambulance I don’t get hospitalized no more when I have a physical problem because I prayed it wouldn’t happen.

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