If I ran-away to Sri Lanka. The Group Home are going to report me missing?

They won’t find me in Sri Lanka as I’ll pay with cash. I have enough personal money to keep me going 6 months in Sri Lanka. I won’t have to take the depot which I don’t want or need for 6 months. I’m going to be reported missing certainly to the police by the group home. My question is if I’m reported missing would it be known to Colombo airport in Sri Lanka that I’m missing or would it on my return to London Heathrow Airport? The police will get me there?

I understand this is a technical question. If I get reported missing will the police abroad know I’ve been reported missing? Thats all I want to know?

This is a very BAD idea.
It will end disastrously


I think they will track you down ngl it’s probably in your best interest that you don’t run away just saying

You’re a heavily supported adult with known cognitive issues. Yes they’ll notice you missing. Yes they’ll find you. No, you won’t like the even tougher restrictions you’ll have to live with because of your behaviour.


I will run to the north pole


I heard that this will cure your sz.


Yes it’s too cold for sz


I just looked it up, there is an extradition treaty between the UK and Sri Lanka, they can pick you up and send you back home. And when they get you back you’ll lose all your freedom because they won’t trust you.

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I am extremely high functioning. I’m like Lewis Carrol’s snark. None of that would make a difference if I pulled a stunt like you’re (Bobbily) contemplating. I’d come back home to admission as a formal patient in the local psych ward, I’d be put on depots, and all the effort I’ve put into building bridges with my doctors would evaporate overnight. Oh, and there would go my employment as well.


I will run to Jamaica :jamaica:


I ran away once. I never came back. I died. I went so far out there it’s a wonder I came back. I never fully recovered. I wouldn’t do it again. It’s bad out there and roaming aimlessly is awful! My voices tell me to run away. I don’t do everything they say.

Worst. Idea. Ever.


Let me put it this way. When I was 21 I was having psychosis and under the crisis team. I got a fligjt to Spain.

Guess what ? They came out and brought me home.


@bobbilly you need to focus on building bridges like @velociraptor mentions in his comments.

If you want more freedom, you have to show that you won’t be led down a path like this

I ran off to France with £4,000 in my backpack to start a new life.

Literally worst decision ever to make, and I did not even intend to go there.

Luckily I managed to call my mother, and she came and picked me up. I was a mess.

What do you think a Mental Hospital and provisions are going to be like in Sri Lanka compared to the UK?

Accept that what you have is working, and build that trust amongst your team that will then allow you to go on trips like this without the hassle


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