If I quit smoking now I'll save big

I will save about 150€ a month if I quit smoking tobacco. I could buy something cool every month or start saving for something bigger. Health will thank me too. I haven’t been able to quit as I have not been strong enough. A change feels often so difficult but it is still possible. I finally feel like I am able to change my life into a more healthy one. But I will still buy some beer every now and then.


Yeah it drove me as a lifetime smoker to finally quit! It wasn’t easy…

I tried everything…Patches, other nicotine replacement but I eventually tried champix/chantix. It worked wonders. I didn’t even finish the course and I just gave up. It was way too much to smoke out here and I still enjoy a beer!

Over here in Australia you pay like well over $1 a cigarette ! It’s taxed to heck and it’s so bad for your health. If you struggle with cold turkey or nicotine replacement consider the medical…it can make you feel sick early…

Seriously. Do what you can to give up! It’s so much better for you!

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Cool one that you successfully did it brother. I will give it a shot too. :blush:

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Yeah you won’t regret it! It is an insidious drug that ole nicotine so spending money on things you like is good! I used to smoke a pack a day. Sometimes more. That quickly adds up if your on a pension like I am!

As for health. Mentally and physically. It’s the single best thing I ever did! Good luck!


My mom, dad and big brother don’t smoke. That’s actually a big incentive to quit as well. And like you said - HEALTH!!! :+1:

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I quit cold turkey about two months ago. It was very difficult at first, but it has gotten easier now.

I estimate I was spending nearly $250 (U.S. dollars) per month on smokes, so I’ve already saved around $500 in this quitting attempt so far.

I haven’t been able to spend much of that on myself, as I have been unemployed for a few weeks, no income. Once I get back to working, though, since I won’t be spending money on cigarettes I’ll be able to pay some bills and treat myself here and there.

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