If i miss a dose

If i miss a dose of my antidepressant tomorrow as im not able to get hold of a doc until Monday ( I’ll speak to gp) …
. Im thinking that zoloft causes the pdychosis that day as that’s the only med I take…i also read it could be a symptom of something fatal… would it be too risky to not take tomorrow until I feel OK to on Monday?

I think you need to slowly reduce the dose and not stop it abruptly.

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I’ve been on it a week though

Can’t you call your Dr?

its Sunday tomorrow its shut i can call Monday

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antidepressant made me more good for me.its better and i prefer to play video game or walk exercise,watchh movie,it works better than antidepressant.this is my opnion though,everyone is diffferent.i still take antisycotic.

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