If I listened every time I was told I couldn't do something

I’d never do anything.

Never give up on your dreams


No one tells me I can’t do something. So I just go around doing stuff. They keep telling me what I CAN do.

This week my small business was nominated for the Community Spirit award being given out by the local Chamber of Commerce. I was also written up in the local paper for a youth broadcasting project I’m getting going in the school. I was at a Teen Activity Fair this afternoon running an online broadcast and talking kids into trying their hand at DJing. I had several muckety-mucks from town council come up and tell me not only am I doing a wonderful job, but I should really apply for some funding for the project because they’d love to provide some.

Not trying to brag here, just want to point out I’m the same guy who was told in the early nineties by a couple of different psychiatrists how hopeless my future was. No chance of my ever being able to get it together.

So glad I never let anyone talk me into giving up. Don’t let other people define your limits for you. Find out what they are for yourself.



I like hearing this story. You’re really giving back.

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I’ve had some docs give me a very doom and gloom prognosis…

For a while I did give up…

Things got better when I stopped believing them


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