If i host a sz convention you are all invited :)

I’m down 151515

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i think you are a troublemaker @asgoodasitgets a thread just like this got locked 12 hours ago.

Sounds great! We have similar conferences here though it’d be so fun to run into you guys and be like “hey, it is you!”

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i realise you wrote a thread about this and it got locked but i thought it was a really good idea so i wanted to develop your idea further so (credit to you)

Also i can see where the mods might be a bit apprehensive about people like us meeting up etc but i thought if it was organised properly then it could be viable,

It is a shame @SzAdmin could not facilitate this little venture but i may have the time and resources to put something together in the future,

it is quite an exciting prospect for a project that could incorporate individuals who have various forms of psychosis with various types of diagnosis.

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Just a reminder about forum guidelines