If i have a boy i will name him champ


use all my sports knowledge to create the worlds greatest midfielder or 2nd basemen or mile runner. some days I feel up to it, most days I don’t. it would be a shame to raise him poor but I figure he would appreciate being brought into the world. im probably too immature to be a dad, I entertain thoughts but the reality of it would be a lot for me. I figure I would be a good dad when he gets a little older but pretty shitty in the early years, I’ve never even changed any of my niece and nephews diapers. also im afraid something bad would happen like injury or disease, not to mention passing on my sz. and what if he thought sports sucked or was boring? I wouldn’t have anything to teach him. I’d encourage him to play a instrument but that would probably just lead to drug use.

champ. lol it’s a lot like jr, but different


The name might have the opposite effect on him, just be careful.


What if you have a daughter?


i haven’t thought of any girls names yet. i like grace that was my great aunt’s name. she lived with my grandma in her later years.


yeah maybe champ isn’t a good idea lol. maybe james


If I have a boy, even though I don’t see kids in my future, I’ll name him the Finnish name Mika.


If I had decided to have kids I’d let the Mother name the boy and insist that a girl have Elizabeth somewhere in her name. That name runs in the family with the girls.

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