If I get rid of the voices and other symthoms

If I’d get rid of the voices and other symthoms and totally recover and say it loud here, how’d you feel about it?

hey i dont know you that much but i would be happy for you and also be happy knowing that a full recovery is possible.

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As a mind control theorist, I’d feel bad about it myself. But, I am not even knowing for sure that is mind control the same a natural schizophrenia.

I’d be happy for you. But I think I know what motivates your question (edit, I was wrong :D), I sometimes feel hesitant to post good news… you know, I had a good outcome so far, feel like I dodged quite a few bullets when it comes to cognitive symptoms, medication response and the like. Basically, I lack motivation at times but it doesn’t impair my functioning. I outperform most if not all my neurotypical peers at university. My psychoses were terrifying, no doubt, but it seems I was handed a good deal in the aftermath. Some are in a real struggle, and may only feel even more that life isn’t fair if I mention such things, leading to resentment. that’s my worry at times, and the feeling that I am not a genuine sz for not carrying a burden as heavy as some.

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