If i expect happiness ill never get it

And if i think ill never have it ill also never have happiness. Im so depressed most days all i can hope for is one day ill be happy but if i hope for it then ill never get it. What do i do? Life is like this constant catch 22. If u seek happiness ull never find it but if u think ull never get it u still wont. It only comes randomly when u least expect it but its so hard just to not think about my depression and happiness. Damn u life

i always held hope for happiness, but the trick isn’t waiting for it to happen, its work on MAKING it happen.


Happiness comes whenever it likes, whether you’re looking for it or not.

The problem with looking for it is that you have an idea of what it’s supposed to look like, and happiness is a master of disguise. You might be happy and never realize it.

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I think you can seek happiness but be aware of happiness occurring while you seek. I’m not expressing myself very well.

What I mean is that while you are on the road to happiness, don’t ignore the little bits of happiness on the way.


I was going to say the same as @anon84763962. Small happy things can add up to be big. Don’t try to go for that one major happy thing. Happiness won’t last forever. It comes tiny bits at a time.

I suffer from anhedonia. I feel “happy” when I’m content. I have changed my hunt for happiness to finding things to be content about.

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I hear you about the expectations. If my expectations are really high I tend to be disappointed. If my expectations are low I am surprised by something good that I found. This is particularly true of the movies I watch.

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I’d say quite the opposite.

The Tao says allow yourself to have desires so you know what desire is. Then you can be free from desire.

Happiness is the same and ultimately it’s linked to your medication. The modern medication can make you live an almost normal life. Yeah symptoms happen but you can work around them…you can survive in a world that is increasingly more problematic and hard on people like us.

I’m not saying it’s easy. But it happens. I was 29 when I was diagnosed. I lived a life of anxiety and paranoia and getting on the brain pills gave me a life I never expected. Got married. Moved countries…got divorced. Lived a life worthy of living…

I love this previous post…get rid of expectations and how can you ever be disappointed …thanks crimby!