If I drink two strong cups of coffee per day...?

… For a couple months,

And then stop that

Will I get permanent withdrawal symptoms

Or will I be able to get back to normal after

To how I was before


Yes you will. I’ve done it.

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I’m addicted to caffeine, but not using for a couple years. I used to drink 25 cups of coffee a day. Now I drink several cups of decaf coffee a day. Maybe even 10 cups of decaf a day.

As additions go, caffeine was not a bad one. Nicotine and alcohol were bad addictions. I am free of those two for many years.

Withdrawing from caffeine for me means a couple days of headaches.

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You’ll just get a really bad headache and maybe some nausea. But it goes away within days. You should be ok.

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You will get headaches. Not sure how long it lasts I can’t remember. I quit coffee about 8 years ago and only drank tea for a while. But went back on coffee.

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There’s no such thing.


Thankyou guys this really helps.

If you have schizophrenia, you shouldn’t drink coffee at all. Try decaf.

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Does coffee make you feel positive symptoms of sz?

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