If I don't take my meds my pdoc says I will become very unwell within 2 months

I seem him yesterday and he told me this plus he’s also keeping me on a community treatment order for another year and not reducing the meds. I can’t see myself as being unwell. I don’t think I have even when people have told me when I’m unwell they can’t get words in edgeways plus I’m loud and talk really fast. I’ve been on a CTO since 2011. This must think I’m seriously Mentally ill to keep me on one this long?

What’s the use of posting this? It’s always the same: You’re going to gleefully claim that you’re not ill and never have been, and the rest of us are going to see reality and tell you the multiple obvious reasons why you are ill. I’m just going to pin my answer and post it on all your threads.

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anosognosia. Anosognosia is a condition where a person with a mental illness, such as schizophrenia, is unaware of their illness and unable to recognize that they need treatment. This lack of insight is not simply denial but a neurological impairment that affects their ability to perceive their condition accurately


I don’t know about stopping meds but look at your lifestyle choices and if you can improve them