If i don't check in with my doctor ever again, does social security stop my funds?

haven’t seen my doc in over 2 months. Don;t ever feel the need to ever again. mom says they’ll stop my ssi if i don’t check in?. Is this true?

I am in the process of getting ssdi. If I were you, I would check in. Its a pain in the ass getting ssi all over again just for one simple appointment.

so its true?,.c,z.x,z.x,.xz

i gotta job now…,.,.,I just do it for free

As far as I know you do not need to be in treatment in order to keep getting ssi/ssdi. Not encouraging you to leave treatment of course. The only thing I know of is that you might come up for rededermination or something at some point. I never did though.

We have forms to fill in to get our version of what you get, when I have to do it again I’m going to state that I have suffered severe side effects of medication I was prescribed due to this I have no trust in pdocs however I will happily check in with my GP

Are you fine without medicines? How are you going to get your meds?