If I didnt already have it bad enough

That’s my neck on the right

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What’s wrong with your neck?

It is damaged beyond repair from a fall I took as a child.

Falls sucks especially for childs. I fell on my testicles at 3-4y.o, lost one and nearly lost the other. The remaining one was nearly all damaged but it healed after years. I could have never went through puberty. I get testicular pain sometimes, I read that I am at an increased risk for testicular cancer in the remaining testicle.

When in puberty I saw the missing testicle and was embarrassed, felt I am not normal. I saw many Drs and an endocrinologist. My mom told me what happened back when I fell on them. I felt angry on my parents bcz they didn’t prevent my fall. They’re responsible.

Try chin tucking stretch with your back against a wall if you can. Pretend you’re creating as much space as possible between your ears and shoulder blades by tucking in your chin and retracting your shoulders.

PEMF can heal damaged nerves, maybe worth considering.