If I did not have any symptoms

I imagine If I did not have any symptoms I would not feel controlled the minute I come to from waking up.

I would not see black dashes and little sparks to let me know how and why I am bieng controlled.

I would not think I am bieng controlled for other poeple or my own wellbieng.

My mind would not opperate like it is telapathic with other peoples and anything in the spirit realm.

How much more could I get done and do and accomplish without feeling controlled the minute I get up to the minute I go to sleep. Maybe thats why I want to sleep 14 hours a day becuase when I am sleeping I am not conscuous to this bieng controlled.

Schizophrenia can do that to a person. Maybe you can find the right med’s that have the fewest side effects and control your symptoms. Are you talking to a therapist? If you bounced a few of your symptoms off a therapist they might find better med’s for you.

How many meds have you tried?

How often do you change doses, see a psychiatrist?

Do you have symptoms now?

I promise you that theres a consistent worry of relapsing so itll never go away but youll get used to it