If I could get rid of one thing it would be

The continual catastrophic thinking…

I keep working on it.

But any little verbal slip… I think people are going to think I’m up to something or dumb.
Any mistake… I see it more like the pebble that started the avalanche… that grows and gets bigger and hurts people.

I never see it like the ripples in the pond… a small disturbance that fades away.

I wish I could just let things go and not stress about simple mistakes.

I’m thankful for the fact that the people in my life are understanding.

It keeps me from being more confident… it keeps me from trying new things… it keeps me dependent on others.

I’m still working on it. I wish I could get rid of this.

What are others hoping to get rid of?


I have a lot of catastrophic thinking - distorted thoughts going on all of the time - its worse when my moods are not so stable.

If I could get rid of anything it would be my paranoid thinking/anxiety - it really gets in the way

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I’m having a problem with catastrophic thinking too, it’s quite paralysing, but I didn’t realise it really until your post. But I think it stems from the fact that I’m low functioning, and I feel quite helpless in even a minor crisis.

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I hope you can also find a way to overcome it… I haven’t really yet. It does get in the way a lot.

I can make it go away for an hour here and a few there… but everyday when I wake up… it’s back.

If I really start feeding it… catastrophic thinking will trigger some anxiety… that of course grows into a panic attack…

You have given me an idea… I just figured it’s my cross wired brain… but for me… it does like to build up when I’m faced with a new situation. I never really thought about… if confidence might be a factor… Thank you for that idea.

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I think catastrophic thinking comes from a fear of hurting someone. That is not just one’s own idea but the result of someone else’s fear of us influencing us. Then the mind starts thinking badly because it is not as bad as acting badly. Just be aware that others can influence your mind.

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I would go for anxiety. I want to be rid of it. Everything would be much easier to handle without anxiety. Catastrophic thinking. I have that too. But without the painful anxiety it would be a piece of cake to logically think myself out of it. Fear/anxiety is my biggest problem.

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I’m struggling to come up with just one tbh. I guess negativity in general. Just be nice to smile all through the proverbial for a change.

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The unjust suffering in this world because I am not going to ever be truly happy or content while these injustices keep going on . Like the involuntary enslavement and torture of free peoples of the world, in their being trafficked around the world for sex. I imagine that some of those young people are suffering greatly at the hands of their owners, because I had a dream where I was amongst them in the darkness being transported in some big truck or other vehicle and some of the girls were terrified of being that way.

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Don’t get me wrong…this just came up to me…


Yeah! I agree! But… then I get a bit ■■■■■■■ edgy…

I’d get rid of my anxiety/panic attacks I get. Because the meds do the trick for pretty much everything else.

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I’d get rid of my agoraphobia - my anxiety.

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For me it would be the anxiety.

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For me it would have to be thought broadcasting

There are things that affect me more but TB is just disturbing and I have dealt with it for years

I know it is not supposed to be real but that doesn’t stop me believing it intrinsically which makes it frustrating :confused: It’s the main symptom I am very hesitant to reveal.

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I want to be rid of the telepathy/ thought broadcasting, it’s the most messed up I’ve been in years. I fear everything because of it. I’m out of the worse but I’m still lost in it, just don’t vocalise so much. but I’m doing a work book where you focus on reducing worry etc rather than content of worry. Just focusing the worry hands on, so far it’s really hard. I think I’m finding it hard because I’m still having symptoms of that episode.

I also catastrophize I hope you can learn to conquer it, think little steps. You can do this, we can do this :slight_smile:️!

Take care everyone!

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you have to remember people don’t notice mistakes…and don’t care…
ordinary people do dumb things all the time…for instance…
someone i know who is the local real estate guy…drove out of the local petrol station with the petrol bowser still attached :car:…but he doesn’t give it a second thought :smile:
i used to think people noticed my mistakes…even if i tripped up in the street…or accidently made the car alarm go off…but people don’t care…no one is laughing at us…they are uninterested.
we as sz over think…we think the whole world is watching us…just not so.
take care :alien:


“if you could get rid of one thing what would it be” .?.

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