If I call my local pet shop can they order those fancy expensive betta fish?

I’d like to have a male betta fish at my desk. Will be a 3 gallon filtered with plants. I’d order online but I don’t want to pay for shipping


Get out your phone book or search online and find you local pet stores phone number and ask them if they can order for you or possibly do they have any in stock. Go straight to the source.

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Yeah thanks, gonna do that. Thought I make a thread before so, lol

You can get a beta fish at Walmart for like 7 bucks

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now I want one too

I think they’re also called Chinese fighting fish. They’re very beautiful. My daughter was little like 5 when we had one. She named it Michael after her favorite teacher. It could have been a girl fish Who knows

not to sound pretentious but they are Japanese fighting fish, which is weird cause many come from the lily ponds of thailand

Hmm. Interesting. So they’re called Japanese fighting fish. That’s cool

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