If I become delusional and ramble deluded stuff here

I am legally capable of making that choice already
They can’t force me unless I become unwell

Yeah okay good luck with that.

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Wrong they can base it off previous episodes

They can? Well I wasn’t severely delusional just mildly so doubt that qualifies for a CTO

I don’t think most of us know the laws of your country so I think it’s a lot of guessing. I personally can’t say with certainty what they are going to do in your case if you decide to refuse the shot.

Can someone google Finnish mental health laws

” The current Finnish Mental Health Act stipulates the following criteria for compulsory admission:
. a person should be found to have a psychotic illness, and
. because of this psychosis, they are
. in need of psychiatric care as their condition would otherwise worsen, or
. a danger to their own health or welfare, or
. a danger to the health or welfare of others
. no other mental health services are suitable or adequate.”

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Well i live in eastern europe and our healthcare systems are similar, so i think if you dont how up for the shot nothing gonna happen. I wanted to ask if the nurse which gives you the shot is tracking your visits? Cause i did stop meds in UK and in my country - Lithuania no one really tracks if you take meds or not

I don’t know if they’re tracking my visits because i got my 2 first shots at the ward… the upcoming one wouldve been my 3rd shot

So apparently the criteria for compulsory admission would be fulfilled if I refused my meds… that doesn’t mean they would immediately admit me though

I mean, in UK ive got months psychotic - touching girls inappropriately, looking agressive to strangers, trying to intrude to some random flats and housed and only when i got to my houme country with my mom I was hospitalized. I wanted to ask if you live alone or someone? Because the last two times I became psychotic, my mom called the police and ambulance and I was admitted into hospital and put on heavy meds.

I live with my mom. i am 15

Then you should tell this to your mom. Tell her that if you become hyper active, stop sleeping and start being delusional to call ambulance. Because most of us cant tell when we are psychotic when psychotic. Only when our mental health stabilize, we are able to say that was an episode and I was ill.

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Also everyone:
”Compulsory out-patient treatment is not presently permitted in Finland.” So CTOs in the sense of forced injections outside psych wards do not exist here

Yeah she called the ambulance last time when I started acting weirdly

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