If I become delusional and ramble deluded stuff here

you are free to call the emergency number and get me admitted

Hopefully not though. I am planning to quit meds and will update yall if it goes well.

Lol. How would we call an emergency number for you when we don’t know who you are or where you live?

I think quitting meds for you at this point is a bad idea but…Good Luck.

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ive told where i live multiple times
they can track based on IP address i think

Yeah, an entire country to search. I seriously doubt they are going to track you based on your IP number.

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well im not aware what they would do but i just hope someone irl notices and calls for help then if i would become psychotic

Just to comfort everyone here, our IP tracker only tells your general region (like the nearest large city). We cannot locate your actual house address through our IP tracking software.


I see. sorry for misinformation

No worries. Only forum staff would know details about our IP tracker.

Thats unfortunate, I wish you would ask your doctor to taper your dose, you know the medication can cause damage even done properly, be good to yourself and get tapered off.

You are free to do what you will, but thats my earnest advice.

I asked but she didn’t want to allow me to taper off so she didn’t give any advice

Tell her in no uncertain terms that you will be coming off the medication one way or the other. The only responsible thing is for her to order for a tapered dose.

Crystal please forgive me if I read your circumstances wrong but you could possibly end up with a community treatment order if you refuse meds


Can’t tell her until October and I want to quit before it

Highly unlikely that I’d end up on a CTO. I haven’t been suicidal or cutting microchips off my armpit or killed anyone or did any crimes while psychotic

You are a minor and you are on injections. You can talk about coming off meds all you want. It won’t happen until you are legally capable of making that choice.

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Crystal at the first hint of you not taking your meds they recall you back to the ward. That is textbook for getting a cto

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Why would they do that? They know I’m not taking the next injection

Stopping meds is the worst you can do yourself, this happened to me and i lost my dream job, good wage, decent flat and many friends. This is like saying ill just get psychosis and get admitted into a hospital and be locked up

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I am underage I have none of those (not even friends) so it’s worth trying at least being without meds
My case was only once and not chronic psychosis

I can only speak from experience. I threatened to come off my depot. I was of sound mind at that time. They Instsntly said they would be applying for a mental health tribunal and CTO