If I am not psychotic today, why should I take medication

I have been reading these posts with great interest.

I am not psychotic today, I am not on medication. Why should I take a medication? If I did take a pill starting today, I wouldn’t know if it worked, plus I’m not treating any condition

My Dr. argues it would help to prevent it from happening. But, if the Dr. has not looked at my MRI to see an enlarged ventricle of some sort, or tested my genes to see if I truly have this disease, and they don’t measure my dopamine, glutamate, or acetycholine levels, how the hell do they really know.

In my job, I don’t get paid to guess, why should they.

I am angry because my left eye proves I had a stroke. I have been hospitalized 4 times. After the 4th hospitalization I went to a neurologist and asked him, look at my eye, is there something wrong. He looked. He said “yes” there is something wrong with your eye, and finally finally finally, he started testing to see what could be wrong. By process of elimination, tests coming back negative, I can confidently say it was a small stroke. No physician up to that point gave a ■■■■ about my eye, nor gave me the opportunity to talk about it and test for it.

I think it’s a bunch of stigma, health care workers are as bad or worse than the public

If you don’t need meds why should you take them? I’m so tired of being medicated. But my dose was increased in february. So there is no chanse off getting free any time soon.

if you have symptoms and benefit from the medication then yes, you should have medication.

I’ve only had meds forced on me, and they don’t work, I got out of the hospital with capgras-type symptoms. although I forgot to take my thryoid meds, that can make you crazy in itself. I’m not sure how long it takes to get past that.

If you don’t believe you’re psychotic, why are you on a schizophrenic site?

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It is not necessarily a stroke, my left eye, left eyebrow and left corner of my lips come down when I don’t use my meds,I’m like a person who have a stroke but It’s not a stroke in my case but some problem with the chemical balance of my brain.

antipsychotics can prevent psychotic experience - I don’t think so.

Most people has some sort of psychotic experience while on AP. They are not mild ones.

I’m not a dr, but mine tested me for myasthesia gravis, the drooping eye is symptoms of that.
acetycholine problem is the cause for MG, that’s where I got into my dopamine, acetycholine, glutamate research.

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