If he liked me it wasn't my fault

There was a boy in my middle school and 9th grade who probably liked me. My therapist says that he thinks he liked me too based on some of the stuff I described. This boy never asked me out.

I was bullied a lot and I never had a boyfriend. This would explain it. The three girls who bullied me probably liked him (they were also bitches anyways) and none of they guys asked me out because this really popular guy liked me. The therapist said he was probably afraid of being vulnerable or something. Of course I didn’t say anything because that would be like a bunny coming up to a wolf and saying - hey, let’s chill sometime.

I always thought something was wrong with me. That I was fat, ugly, and/or stupid because no one ever showed any interest in me. I just got used to being overlooked or harassed so much. I finally got over it to a large degree but it is still a huge relief to know although I was awkward as ■■■■ it wasn’t my fault I was bullied. Like when you think you trip over your own feet but there was a step there. You didn’t take the step in the best possible way but it wasn’t all you.

Shyness makes us miss a lot of opportunities. I won’t often find an ideal girl for me but when I do all I can do is stare. I used to be really popular in high school so that gave me a few easy opportunities but after growing up I became afraid of initiating conversations with women in real life. Now being jobless and obese makes it even harder. My time will come though, some women have called me cute before but I need to do some soul-searching before being suited for a partner! :purple_heart:


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