If given the chance would you become a child again?

If someone offered you a way to be a child would you do it? I think i would.


Maybe, as long as it wasn’t my childhood to do over.


Nope. In fact reincarnation is a nightmare scenario for me.

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No, not even tempted. But, raising my son allowed me to relive some joys of childhood, and even make them better since as an adult I have control. Actually being a child is too vulnerable, too dangerous.


I had symptoms, but I was basically carefree as a child - I would like to start over again and go back to my childhood only if there was no chance of me developing SZ/ bipolar again.

I had a pretty good childhood overall.

When I hit 20 - 21 years old, SZ fell on me like a ton of bricks!

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My childhood was awsome. I would. Although there were a couple big mistakes I made as a child as well that I would like to change

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I would for sure

No I prefer to be an adult because my childhood was a nightmare.

I almost lost an eye during my childhood.

I would skip unless i could keep my memories or it was in a different body entirely…

No. I have come so far from where I used to be. I would never give up that progress.

No kidding. If I got to keep current knowledge and experience, MAYBE. If not, the answer is a resounding NO.

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My sentiments exactly.

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I want to stop ageing after 30 when im in the prime :biking_man:

That would be the sell for me.

i dont remember my childhood. just bits and pieces

Maybe this is distasteful, take it down if it is. I’ve been up all night and I’m not fully functional.

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yeah egads man is that the sims 5000 or something?

hilarious but…

In response to the title of the thread… HELLLLLLLL NOOOOOO

That ■■■■ sucked.

I often wish I could relive my childhood so I could correct the mistakes I made then. I remember being free of much of the damnable stress I have now back then, but then I recall that there were things about my childhood that were bad.

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Better believe that. You couldn’t pay me ANY amount of money to get back on that ride.
The only thing I’m proud of is I survived that ordeal and can still pass myself off as fairly “normal” (minus the scars upon closer examination), yeah, “normal but quirky”…[quote=“Im18now, post:14, topic:48602, full:true”]
I want to stop ageing after 30 when im in the prime

The prime of what?