If free market competition led to a better product, than terrestial radio wouldn't suck would it?

they still play the same old stuff and no new music gets in other than pop country and pop music


But there is a better product ! If I have to listen to the radio I do it over the internet. I use an app called TuneIn and I can listen to any radio station anywhere!


LMAO Lifer. As a musician this is a sick burn on radio and capitalism! :smiley:

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maybe it depends. i read an old chinese proverb the other day (or perhaps it was a greek philosopher) that said that scholarly competition in science leads to greater benefit.

With music maybe its different idk…actually maybe thats whats wrong with radio…i always thought that there were some music elites who were demanding certain songs to be played…thats why the radio plays the same dang songs all day and sucks…maybe if there was like a literal vote to vote songs on there the best would arise.

big record companies try to squash independent artists to my knowing, and the big guys who own the stations only play whats gonna make them money. same top 40 nonstop. maybe thats why radio is tanking now and spotify etc are so popular?

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I think quite the opposite. People without strong tastes listen to radio. People who know what they like don’t bother.


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