If everybody in the world was like you how would the world be?

There would be no nuclear families, everybody would work over 50 hours a week, there would be a global problem with insomnia and people rarely would trust each other.

Yeah I would be rationilizing everthing so much like why do we have to do it in the first place?

How is it universall to all who live?

Everthing would be about God and questioning what doing anything serves a purpose in regards to him.

When I say nothing would get done I mean basic infrastructure and services necessary to sustain quality of life for mankind would disintegrate lol


In my case we would all just have to help each other get the basics they need like food and water and take it from there.

It would be over-run by janitors and Beatle fanatics.


It would probably be boring, just as it would be boring for the world to be made up of any one single type of person. Vive la difference!

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Hmm! Everyone would drive old cars, everyone would love poetry, everyone would be single, and everyone would take olanzapine very diligently. Plus every living thing especially Kitty cats would be cared for.

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