#If Canada Ruled the World

This is trending on Twitter right now.

My question. Are we untouchable because we are mentally ill?

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I hear questionable about the refugees being admitted I wouldn’t say mentally ill always wanted to visit Toronto for their lit.

This is what would happen if Canada ruled the world;

Runs over someone with a car

OMG, sorry.

Gets caught shoplifting

I’m so sorry.

Murders someone

So sorry!


An old joke I wrote…

Canadians are so polite we say ‘thank you’ to automated banking machines.


My ‘spectacle delusion’ is in high gear again. And I’m just wondering if I’m untouchable because of my affliction.

So social media is just skirting it in other ways. I don’t feel like I’ve become someone important…just a ‘spectacle’.

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Love you Patrick.


Love you too Dazzle! :sunny:

From now on I’ll always think of @Daze as Dazzle. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@anon39054230. You are not untouchable because of your affliction. In fact, you’re quite vulnerable right now with your symptoms flaring up.

Are you with family currently that can step in to help you?

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