If anyone is interested in the harm of sugar and why it's available to us everywhere in high doses

If any one wants to learn about candida to.

I’ve seen this before and it seemed more than a little bit dodgy. Eating too much sugar is bad for you and that’s well established, but their reasoning seems shaky at best.

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I can understand your point. 3 things I want to do this year or 2016: check if I have an overgrowth of candida, get a brain scan to see how i measure up, and also get any other tests for health and wellness.

I get a lot of sugar in my diet. It has probably caused some harm to my health, but I don’t know how or how much. Alcohol is a form of sugar, and I like that too.

Ya alcohal feeds candida and candida excretes alcohal when consuming sugar and if candida is big enough via candida overgrowth, you basically have free alcohal making organism in you via sugar intake.


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O ya ive seen that. We all have candida, but candida overgrowth can be problematic.

Nooo, the article says that overgrowth is a myth

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Candida can grow thats why it is called overgrowth whenn it grows to big “candida overgrowth” . when it gets out of control it causes itching on scalp face all over, and sugar cravings.

Nooo, it causes large plaques of cottage cheese looking gunk in your mouth. Read the article man, the whole thing!

Sugar causes sugar cravings, yeast is not controlling your mind. Sugar is just a very calorie dense food, and we’ve been conditioned to crave it for sustenance. You’re brain is just like HOLY ■■■■ I CAN DO SO MUCH STUFF

And then it releases a buncha chemicals that makes you really happy! Which is why candy is so dope. You can become addicted to sugar, although not physically. It’s just conditioning that causes sugar cravings.

The article does’nt read that candida is a myth. The article tries to debunk most of the hype if anything at most and I can post a boat load of videos and articles that beg to differ. The internet has all kinds of conflicting stuff and YES white stuff on the tongue is ONE symptom out of MANY.

If candida beats out the other gut bacteria that help digest foods then it can cause ibd and many other problems.

No, if that symptom isn’t present, you don’t have it buddy. The video you shared is in exactly the same boat as the mythical gluten allergy and mostly recently self diagnosed social anxiety rolls eyes

It’s just people vastly, horrendously over reacting to something that is in reality extremely insignificant.

" In fact, searching the term “Candida overgrowth” in PubMed, the national database of over 22 million published biomedical research studies maintained by the National Institutes of Health, turns up nothing. Unless every medical researcher who studies Candida, digestive health, infectious disease or immunology is in on a conspiracy to hide the truth, it’s pretty safe to say that “Candida overgrowth” is not an actual phenomenon."

I can find way more articles stating how bad “overgrowth is”. Just cus you read one article doesnt mean its true. There is probably something on the internet that says sz is the best thing in the world to haplen to people.
What about all the doctors and people that say it is true. Or the people on youtube who have it and post there treatments. You don’t know, you never had it. You are just stating what you read " overgrowth doesnt exist" and white stuff on tongue is the only deciding factor if you have it or not.

None of the doctors are saying it’s true. My article was written by a doctor with credible resources and medical backing.

I’m just trying to help you out buddy, it’s not something to get worked up about.

How can you say it doesnt exist than say you only have overgrowth if you have white stuff on the tongue.

Ok, ok ok… Agree to disagree.:grinning:

Because it’s referred to as oral thrush, and it’s not a chronic thing, it’s a bacterial infection. It’s not caused by eating too much sugar, either

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