If antipsychotic takes something completely or almost completely away does that indicate it was psychotic?


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I’ve been going through an old post before I temporarily quit. The opinion of @treebeard was that it was normal which is a perfectly acceptable opinion.

However I’ve always wondered about this on the basis that an AP meant for psychotic symptoms has virtually completely taken it away. If it was completely normal why would an AP that works on psychotic symptoms take it away.?


Hmmm. I guess the fact that an AP takes it away isn’t really conclusive proof that it’s abnormal. APs have effects on normal cognition as well.

But I do have these kinds of thoughts when I’m really stressed or tired that are different from normal thoughts in that they are seemingly random, keep me awake (when I’m trying to sleep) or distracted (when I’m awake), and feel sort of jolting. They make me twitch and move my head, too. If it’s something like this, then maybe it’s not normal. It sounded normal to me when you described it that time, but of course I could be wrong. I don’t really remember how long I’ve had these jolting thoughts, and I don’t know if they’re normal or not. But they’re definitely different from other random thoughts that pop into my head. They’re louder and pretty uncomfortable.


I think this proves that at a milder end of things what may , or may not constitute psychotic thinking is a grey area open to much debate .


This article challenges the idea that there is no grey area.


I definitely agree that there is a large grey area.


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