If abilify didnt work well can rexulti work?

Hey all I am asking a question because I am thinking of switching to rexulti i want to ask if abilify didnt work well is it worth it to try rexulti?


Yes. Rexulti can work if Abilify didn’t. I read somewhere that there’s a good chance that that’s the case.

From my personal exprience, yes it definitely can. Abilify did nothing for my symptoms, but I’m on Rexulti now and it’s working better than anything else I’ve tried.

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How many mg are you taking?

I was on Abilify for six years then changed to Rexulti three months ago. I much prefer Rexulti.

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Any sexual side effects with either rexulti or abilify?

I’d like to try rexulti but afraid it would stop my sex drive like Abilify.

I know what you mean about Abilify and lack of sex drive, thankfully I don’t have a partner. I have to admit that since being on Rexulti I have been noticing men a lot more so something must be going on lol. :blush:

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4mg, the maximum dose.

Abilify didn’t work for me at 10mg. At 20 I had mad akathisia, so that was no good.

Rexulti works a treat. My libido was down for about 12 months, but then it came back.