If a website is a cult

How do you tell if an online forum is a cult or not?


Are there rituals?

Does it try to separate you from your family and friends? Are you instructed not to tell people about your participation?


Do they have special beliefs, how do they view the world, what is their world view …

I think I’m having some problems with bumping up on topomax, I seem to be getting a little paranoid and delusional. Why would a mood stabilizer do that?

I’m sorry that you are having such a hard time with your med @tera.
My psychiatrist won’t prescribe me Topamax because she feels that it isn’t a potent enough mood stabilizer.
Topamax is usually a weak mood stabilizer.
Maybe you need something stronger for your symptoms.
You can certainly talk to your doctor about it.
In the meantime hang in there.

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Can you take something else for weight loss? Maybe the topamax just isn’t good for you.




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thank you very much