Idyllic life, Idyllic relationship

My wife and I truly have a perfect love and a perfect life together. We are so in love.

Today she is gone at a mammography appt. It is a follow-up to her last appointment three months ago where they found a spot on her breast. They decided to wait three months to see if it grows any.

If she comes home with bad news, like it has grown, will that be the end of our little perfect life? I’m doing a lot of praying :pray:.


A lump could be anything even if it’s grown so try not to worry. I had a lump in my breast a few years ago and it just turned out to be a cyst.


You’re right @Qwerty. Thankyou.

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Your wife is in my thoughts @SkinnyMe
Sending out prayers.

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I am praying for your love…hope it works out…could be nothing…

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Thank you everyone for your prayers. Her Mammogram showed no further growth.


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