Idolizing people in dreams, what does it mean?

I sometimes have dreams involving people I like, and I kind of worship them in the dream, like I see them as perfect/very cool people. Kind of idolizing them.

What does this mean?

I was just looking into this. Similar thing perhaps.

Attachment. Where I feel I have to control a person because for example if they don’t like me I feel negatively and that affects them negatively too.

So in order to feel detached I have to set boundaries.

Because it is OK for them to not wanna talk to me. And there are 8 billion beautiful people on the planet why should I get stuck on that one. It is not like that one is God.

That would be idolizing.


Basically it about freeing myself from desires that don’t serve anyone well :upside_down_face:

Like how this song says… Freed from desire.

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Yeah, and I wake up thinking how stupid I am… I guess what you dream doesn´t matter that much, but what you do IRL…

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It only means you’re dreaming about someone you like. I have insanely weird dreams about people I know, like very freaking weird. I dreamt about my ex for the first time in a long time last night and it really has me shook today. It was only a dream though. It doesn’t mean anything other than she was on my mind. Try not to look too deep into dreams unless it’s an acknowledgement that the person is on your mind.

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I idolize iron man. I’m always flying and shooting energy beams out of my hands in my dreams

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