Idk what to do

I’m addicted to looking up Elon Musk that rich man.

It is so annoying because I feel like i am disturbing him.

And he will want to kill me.

Idk might be my past psychosis memories influencing these feelings.

But you know I don’t know.

I keep looking him up on twitter and everything.

I’m really addicted.

When I try to stop I get agitated. :joy::no_entry:

Help me someone what should I do?

I don’t really feel comfortable being open about this but I have very mild tourettes perhaps cos I feel the need to.

Ugh… I’m stuck in a pickle and also being with other guys I end up thinking about Elon Musk

It’s not really how I want to be in a relationship when I’m thinking of someone else

But tbf there is one guy I’ve noticed where Elon Musk might not pop up in my mind.

But idk. Yet if that would work out.

I hope Elon Musk doesn’t want to kill me.


Is it bad like does it mean I’m a stalker if I look him up like more than once per day?

I’m not really sure because it’s a public profile.

It’s not like I have a desire to find him and kill or rape him.

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seems like its getting to the point of stalker
try to find a different hobby


Looking him up a couple times a day is not in itself bad afterall he could be posting interesting things. I would just look him up and not feel weird about it because i think feeling wierd might be causing you to think weird about it

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Do you have a psychiatrist? Sounds like mental illness.


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Maybe you’re experiencing erotomania? I recommend talking with your pdoc about this, especially if it is becoming an obsession.


As someone who had erotomania for someone who ended up not giving a ■■■■ about me and breaking my heart into a million irreparable pieces, don’t get too invested in him. If you think you might be obsessing, then you probably are. It’s ok. We’re ill. It happens. Focus on something fun and interesting. Obsessing over someone who doesn’t want to be with you sounds like a recipe for disappointment. I don’t want you to go through what i’ve been through. I wouldn’t want ANYONE to go through what i’ve been through. Put your focus on anything else, preferably something that resonates with you and has a chance to manifest some kind of real, tangible happiness in your life.


At what point is it stalker?

I really want to do therapy but I really don’t have time.

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I also feel it is erotomania. So that means I actually think he may like me too. :neutral_face:

It would be cool to know what he really thinks or feels because then I know where I stand. And perhaps move on in my head.

The stupid thing is that even if he liked me in any way, I feel I can’t even be myself around him anyway.

But it is true, it is obsession as my mind is preoccupied. Not sure if I would be doing much else if it wasn’t for him though but still I just feel like I might be bothering him. That’s the main concern as it makes me feel perhaps, more than just uncomfortable then.

How did you end up stopping obbsessing. I forgot if you told me the end of that story?

Yes. I bet loads of ppl look him up more than once. He has like over 100m ppl following him I think.

Thanks for making me feel better. If I’m indeed not being weird.

Though in my mind it is perhaps illness or something cos I’m feeling i think he may like me but at the same time I think he wouldn’t like me,

Idk really.

It’s like I like him but also don’t like him and and also fear him perhaps due to past psychosis, and also love him and also actually have no idea how I feel in fact

I’m so sorry you had to go through that. It is something I’ve been through before. I was able to move on from it cos he got married. And cos I sent him a message on Facebook which he did not respond to. But I wasn’t sure if he read it cos I’m not a fb friend but it might still have done the trick. Like it made it reality that he probably wanted to ignore me perhaps.

I’m beginning to think if the therapist lives nearby then I should make an appointment.

This elon musk thing amongst my general anxiety related stuff is affecting me.

Thankyou peeps. :blush:

I just noted in my diary to make an appointment tomorrow

Although sometimes alcohol does affect me but the problem is that alcohol goes against my beliefs.

It is a toxin and when I drink I drink a lot.

And my health is already in a precarious state.

I feel alcohol affects my physical health negatively in more ways than one including PCOS.
Honestly, generally I just feel it might be a disaster overall. :neutral_face: Especially due to my confidence level around him. And feeling not suitable for him.
I just don’t know how to move on though from him. Unless I avoid him completely but I don’t know if that’s something I can do.
I need to not think about him, when with another guy. That might be the answer too.

I guess it doesn’t hurt to try this

Hey gal. Didn’t want to reply as I usually say the same things but see your going around in circles here.

It may pay to have a chat to a therapist. I’ve found they can be hit or miss but if you get a good one it’s good to have someone to give you some perspecitive and where you can open up about subjects. This is a mentally ill website. I don’t share really personal stuff but I cultivate a network of friends if I need advice about other things…Know you don’t have that outlet but maybe try therapy for a bit and see how you go.

I think you could benefit from a different opinion so no harm in trying.

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Yea I’m gonna go into therapy. Anyway I noticed Elon Musk has always gone for really beautiful looking women who are really smart and really talented naturally.

I don’t think I’m his type really, cos I’m not really beautiful looking nor really smart nor really talented.

My photos are just good lighting and camera angles. I’m not actually really beautiful looking.

And also I’m not really talented or really smart like all his past girlfriends.

Yes that’s right I have looked him up online too.

I just need to trust my gut on this although irrationally I seem to perhaps love him, maybe it is just infatuation. Though the infatuation is incredibly powerful. I mean it was with that guy I had erotomania with in the past too

I don’t want to waste my precious time feeling subconscly not good enough. Which is fine, we all have our own preferences it is not a cause for hate.

And sure, maybe I’m actually his type too I can’t know everyone he has dated or his preferences.

But from what I’ve seen, and what I feel too, I just feel not good enough.

Which is fine. I mean I also don’t date some guys who may like me simply cos they are not good enough for me in that way, or in better words not my ‘type’.

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