IDK what they’re thinking

I filled out a form and talked to the clerk on the phone 7 years ago and they excused me from jury duty for life. Or so I thought. I got a jury duty summons in the mail yesterday. I moved from that city and I’m in a new one. Maybe I become eligible for jury duty again every time I move to a new city?


I did jury duty once, for a County Judge. When I got a Federal jury summons, I out down I had a mental illness, and I didn’t hear back from them.

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Yeah, I went online and filed for permanent exclusion- again.

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My mom used to say once you have served on a trial, neither the prosecuting or defense attorneys are going to want you. They ask if you have served before, and if so what was the verdict. If you say Guilty, the defense doesn’t want you, and if you say Innocent, the prosecutor doesn’t want you.


My sister never served on a trial. My mom did one where the guy was charged with First Degree Murder. I got the one charged with Statutory Rape of a Person Under the Age of 14.

I’ve never received a jury summons. I’d love to do it. I think I’d be a good juror.

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It was really hard in the Jury Room coming to a unanimous decision. We had one juror we had to convince that he was guilty.

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I’ve found that things for life are hard to do. It’s totally silly but I get a lifetime referral to my shrink. I need a referral from a gp to the shrink because they are a specialist and for them to get paid ( yes the government covers my treatment) they need an up to date referral…For me that seems to last a decade and I need a new one…Like I thought it was for life and it is but still every decade I need a new one!

Government departments even over here seem to not know what is going on so no surprise to see such a thing!

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The federal governments health care system in the US doesn’t know whats going on either so, you’re not alone. Haha.

I got out of my summons from a couple months ago with a note from my nurse

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