IDK. So why should you?

IDK. Maybe I’m getting more confident being out alone late at night.

I don’t really need to be out a lot late at night but sometimes I will run to the market for milk or I crave something from Jack-in-the-Box so I drive thru as late as 12:00 am or even later. I go out usually depending on dumb luck that no one will bother me. But I also tap into my experience and chutzpah. It’s only a damn supermarket and it’s fairly close and I know that just because it’s late at night people are still friendly.

But tonight some punk with headphones was behind me in line. I glanced at him and I thought he was on drugs. He looked clean cut and was dressed like an average person and I realized I didn’t know if he was on drugs or not but I got the slight feeling he was mocking me because I had trouble with my debit card.

I payed for my milk and went to leave but the door was locked to the outside so I had to walk back past him to the other door. Yeah, he looked like a smartass so I looked at him until he lost his cool and then I laughed. It was very satisfying and hey, he’s a big boy and can take care of himself. My confidence comes and goes.

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I used to be nervous about going out at night especially late at night like up to nearly midnight when I lived on skid row in downtown Los Angeles and would go to AA and NA meetings. Fortunately I survived both times I lived down there and haven’t been back there since August 2014. I’m planning to stay out of California.

California is a great place to live and visit. Your image of it is colored by one of the bad areas. Sure, we have Watts, South Compton, the Tenderloin, and parts of Oakland. But we also have so many safe beautiful areas to live and great beaches and great weather and just about everything else.
And you can also call and order an escort to come to your house any time of day or night.

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