Idk, just let him in, I'm sick of it

it’s not politics, it’s our country.

We all have a say.

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Hey dear, what is the topic about?

Brett Kavanaugh


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so what? did you attack her or not?

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sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff!

really getting annoying

the calibre of a high court judge?

couldn’t listen to all of it

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He is a good man.

I think he is, but he made mistakes

should just acknowledge them

Kavanaugh is just another swamp monster in trump’s parade…he better not get in…there’s the abortion issue he wants to undo…


agreed, but I feel for him, just a sucker I guess.

this guy is not to be pitied
he is calling unfair unfair unfair
like trump

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even Phil can’t remember anything when he’s drunk.

He never had sex in high school. He was a good guy and these women are lying about him. His wife is getting death threats from people.

he wasn’t a virgin that is a lie…


did you see all the women protesters, geez, all these women been assaulted, what the heck.

The democrats would make stuff up about anyone Trump picks. It’s unfair. Just vote him in already.

women never prevail, is that what you’re saying? Yeah, I’m sick of it too. The Repubs always win.

Cough cough folks.

These women shouldn’t lie about a good guy and ruin his life.

unfair is a child’s cry