Idk, its too simple to believe that this illness is chemical imbalance

For the most of you here, you believe that this illness is chemical imbalance… Maybe I would believe it too if the meds were helping me. But I try to recover and I dont succeed it since 9 years… Its not nothing. I dont have a progress at all on these meds… :angry:
Did you swallow this theory? That this illness is just chemical imbalance? why then the hospitals are full of ill people who go back there multiple times over and over and they cant heal? what if these meds are just brain wash? My soul hurts for god sake! Literally, physically!!!
maybe you weren’t in quite bad state but I see very sick people when I go to my doctor. they suffer as hell and just have the side effects of the meds, not really better…
I tried 11 aps for god sake with no help at all!!! My life is ruined, my mother keeps saying that ill never have anything with this illness… and on the top of this - my friends who look at me with a pity look and they all think that those meds are a poison, not a solution. and maybe its some healty thing in the end. cause there is soul… and its not chemistry!!! point
Ill be glad if youll convince me in the opposite but my cry of today is because even this lithium doesn’t help me, no…


I’m treatment resistant and so far no antipsychotic has helped me completely. That being said, I still believe it has something to do with my brain chemistry as the medication does reduce my symptoms.

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Our knowledge on these disorders and meds are still very primitive and therefore they work only on some symptoms and not for everyone.

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and what the others on whom the meds dont work should do? Die in loneliness like me?
I start to think that on this forum are the lucky ones… No one didn’t spend 15 years in isolation like me. I am bad now but believe me I try every day to be a good person and I am sometimes even a bit too good, I am fed up too… I dont want to feel pain anymore!!! I have bunch of crazy sick symptoms like feeling cold all the time cause my brain doesn’t work… It happened to me to sleep for 24 hours, nice hein? :frowning:
meds, pfff… they are primitive, that’s for sure

At least you know its only a Chemical imbalance and not one that would say " lack of relation" of the correspondings ( not chemical) :rofl:

They should learn to live with their symptoms and try to find some coping strategies and some ways to circumvent their limitations. Therapy can help with these things.

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@zeno, why there are people who talk to themselves on the streets if therapy would help? you are strange… ■■■■… I am pissed off cause I continue to waste years and I get old. I dont want a lonely life as a dog… My illness is not so heavy as my doc said but very painful and perfide cause I keep thinking etc etc. Plus, like I said, I have bunch of strange symptoms - having cold often, lack of emotions per moments, hystery in other moments, troubles with my vision and I am mostly just ■■■■■■■ confused about life without opinion or values, without too much talking cause I am dumb, dumb, dumb…
Tbh, I want to cry now and even this, I cant…

I think the ones here are the lucky ones, as bad as it is. The circumstances of the people posted about on the family forum sound awful.

At least you have the ability to see something must change. That is the first step to changing it.


Imagine if your brain worked differently than others do due to a chemical imbalance, and you end up being 100 times smarter than the rest of mankind. You feel miserable living among a world full of what seem like dummies to you. You just can’t stand it anymore. So the doctors suggest you take a dopamine suppressor drug to bring your brain activity down to everyone else’s level, and do so such that you can fit in within the world.

WOW, what a choice to make.

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Pfff, I try to change something since 15 years. It doesn’t work!!! And believe me or not, I am sure I tried it harer than the most of you…I spent 15 years between 4 walls for god sake! I dont give myself the right anymore to be touched by a guy!!! do you know why? Cause I dont know anymore which guy I like and I dont want to do the thing like a hore…

Because I said where it can help but not cure them. Furthermore these people can’t access therapy because they could have no insight, or serious intellectual disability.

there is no intellectual disability in the most of the cases of sz, no…

I believe you. I don’t have the answer, unfortunately, I just know things change over time, but it helps if we act to change them.

I have read the opposite, especially if we are talking about schizophrenics that talks to themselves on the streets. :thinking:

ok, twinkle, you are kind… I wish I feel some positive emotions sometimes, not my brain in my head… It gives me headaches. I guess this kind of somatization is more due to negatives and depression. And I know from the docs that sometimes they treat faster the positives than the negatives. But I just sit here on my couch since an eternity, I want to love, to scream, to cry etc etc…

Whether I would call myself lucky, I don’t know.
My main source of misfortune is my severe schizophrenia.
There will always be more and less lucky people compared to me.
In any case my main cause of bad luck is schizophrenia.
My positive thing, is that I have a plan for if healthy.
But ultimately my life is one big struggle,
this way or the other, we are all likely to end up dead.

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Ok, I see…I am the opposite. I speak quietly outside or even dont speak by fear to be heard. I even say often to my mom to keep quiet outside wow… were you like this or do you know schizophrenics like this?

Dopamine agonists work to relieve symptoms for most. Treatment resistant is the problem and your probably right in that it’s a bit more complicated than our current technology.

So. There is brain chemistry involved and you can tell from other disorders like parkinsons that chemicals can make a huge difference to people and their symptoms and lifestyle.

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chess, do you take your Zyprexa now?

There is no such a thing such as a safe house for schizophrenics that I know of. Wish there was one for people in tough situations. There was one drop in center for schizophrenics in my home town, but it looked more like a drop in center for artists whose minds were sharp and clear, and so much so that schizophrenia itself was not even allowed to be a topic of discussion.

A social imbalance.

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