Idk if this is tardive dyskinesia

I feel like I am going to faint everyday. I shake my legs a lot. I’m on 2mg cogentin for 16 mg perphenazine and Lexapro 20mg.

I feel strange.

TD doesn’t make you feel faint. The leg movements, possibly. The first place it strikes is the tongue. Hands get it, too.

When I was evaluated the first place they checked was my mouth. I had to open wide and stick my tongue out for a while

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feeling faint is not a good sign, go see your doctor

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I think it’s the perphenazine.

Sometimes My Hands Quietly Shake.

A Slight Nervous Tremor. It Wanders in And Out into Existence.

I Complained a Few Years Ago to My Doctor About it And She Prescribed Me Something.

The Nervous is Still Quiet.

But I Can Still Function Normally. And Not Really Affected Terribly.

Don’t Know if Thus Post Helps.

Jus Talk to Your Doctor & Stay Positive!. :slight_smile:


And Keep in Mind @roxanna,

The Pharmaceutical Industry is Working Round The Clock to Soften The Edges.

The “illness” And it’s Side Effects Are of No End. The Positivity Also!.

Patience, Observation, Hopefulness, Questions, Honesty, & Peace Always Wins.

Keep Your Head Up (!!!).

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