Idk if my father is killed or no

my father died at 68 y o
this the average life expectancy in egypt
but he was fine very fine may be three months before death!!!
untill 2 months before his death diagnosed with liver cancer
orginally he had hcv for long time but he cured once treatment is available
but he never check if he had tumor
guys do you think there is intel agency killed him ??
are they going to kill other members of my family ??
do you think they wd kill me oneday ??
wt should i do ??
anyone tell me the right things to do to save my family ??
before my father death voices urged me to take photo with him
i said to them no you are going to kill him no no
then he become ill…2 months then died

I’m sorry for your loss @saynow

The stress of losing your father could be setting you off towards delusional thinking.

Can you contact your doctor?

You may need a medication adjustment.


Intel agency in all likelihood did not kill him. Like you said, he died of liver cancer. I think you are delusional. You need to talk to your pdoc.


they torture ppl and all ppl know that
with no mercy with all tools in their hand
why dont you think they killed him ??
i am afraid of whats more than this

Liver cancer is known as the king of all cancers. Almost everybody in China knows that there is only 3 months before death comes to the patient of liver cancer.

So you sounds delusional.


Do you know for certain that he was in the hands of the Intel agency before he died? Or was he in the hands of medical doctors?

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voices in my head i highly doubt them …
what if they hv power over me and my family
anyway i want to save ,me and my family

so you think i should nt do any thing to save me and my family ??

ok ok ok i even very tired i hvnt the spirit needed to fight them in public

ok thank you

what ever happen

even if my family and me died

i will nt matter

thanks for your insights

i hope these thoughts not attack me again

I’ll tell you what my priest told me about my voices, “they are phantom dogs barking behind a very high chain link fence”. Or, in other words, they can’t hurt you.

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god bless you and your priest :))


bye bye
thank you for your help
i am out


And, God bless you as well @saynow .


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