Idk how to get help other way than threats

Advice? I’m tired of this ■■■■

One advice.
Stop spamming.


What do you mean

I wouldn’t help anyone who threatened me. Or I’d make sure my help was harmful.

You should rethink your approach in the interest of your own well-being.


You’re right. I regret the threats

Happy cake day @Crystal-Cotton


I am not proud of making threats in the past, but I was desperate, and the only way to get the system to react quickly is to be disruptive

Chronically you can just sit on the books and just get paid lip service

Guess what I am trying to say is the system is at fault here, as slow to react, and they let fires get out of control before they actually do anything about mental health

You wouldn’t break a leg then only get care once it’s gone rotten, would you?


@Joker well put you make sense thats for sure!

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I would describe you situation to your helpers in a colorful way so that your thoughts are reflected in a best possible way. Making threats is a dead end.

Yes. That, exactly.