Idk how I am functioning on so little sleep

I stayed up till 8 am then slept to 12. I have energy tho. Thoughts were firing rapidly last night but I don’t think its mania

Starting about 2009 I averaged about 5-6 hours a sleep every night. Often less. I just gave that up about 7 months ago. Now lots of times I get about 6-8 hours.

And I should say that I have a part time job, take a class and pretty much live independently.

I just couldn’t do it anymore. Neither the body or the mind could do it anymore.


It doesn’t sound like enough sleep. That combined with the rapid thoughts is a bad sign. You might be having a relapse.

Is there anyone on your medical team you can contact to give you advice?


I Don’t Know What “idk” Means.

What Does It Mean?.

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it means i dont know :joy:

it may be because i started smoking again and having nicotine late at night im not sure. i have an appointment in a week and a half

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